The first pocket sized beer bong. We combined the “shotgun” & the “beer funnel” and made the cleanest and fastest way to chug. It attaches firmly onto any can, and fits in your pocket. It’s the best and easiest way to get after it. These new versions are incredible durable and built to last.

Enjoy chugbud in 4 simple steps

Open your drink

Crack open a can of your favorite beverage

Attach Funnel

Stick the funnel to the top of the can

Puncture with key

Make a hole in the side of the can with the aluminum key

Start Chugging

Down your beer and get ready for the next one!

Your Beers Best friend

Be the life of the party

Prepare yourself for a beer chugging experience like no other with Chugbud - the ultimate solution that's been proven to be both effecient and entertaining!